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You are free to Link www.aviatia.net from your site you need no permission for doing such.For linking , just copy the URL from the URL bar on your Browser and paste it in your site.But you may not link www.aviatia.net if:

  • You are running a Pornographic Site
  • Your Site Deals with Arms and Ammunitions
  • Your site deals in sales and promotion of Illegal Drugs , Alcoholic Beverages or Tobacco Products
  • Your Run a Gambling or Casino Site.
  • Your Site Deals in Hacking/Cracking of websites and software
  • Or any other activity which may be hold illegal in the eyes of Law.

Photos and content used in this site are of the following nature

1) The Photos or content for which Permission has been received ( in written ) from their respective copyright owners.
2) Photos or content for which aviatia.net holds the copyrights.
3) Photos or content which are Copyright Free – Public photos
4) Very Few Photos from other sources – which may be copyright Free but there are chances that they might be Copy written, for such cases we are very sorry to upload your work by mistake, please do send us a complain notice at info@aviatia.net and we will remove them from our Database within 48 hours. Also in case you want your Photo to keep showing on our site please do write to us , If you want your Name Credits and Contacts to be mentioned on the photo.