MiG 21I Imitator

The MiG 21I was an experimental version developed from MiG-21S. Only two was produced. They were also called MiG-21I Imitator and MiG-21I Analog. Both aircraft were taken from the assembly line of the […]

Polikarpov Malyutka

Polikarpov Malyutka (eng. ‘Little one’) was an Soviet secret project during WW2. It was the last aircraft of Nikolai Nikolaevich Polikarpov design, and he oversaw its progress himself. It […]

Tupolev TU-155

The Tupolev Tu-155 was developed from Tu-154, and Tu-155 was used for an alternative fuel testbed. This is the first experimental airplane in the world operating on liquid hydrogen. […]