Blohm & Voss Ha-137

Blohm & Voss Ha-137 Dive Bomber

The dive bomber Blohm & Voss Ha-137 was designed in 1935 by Richard Vogt, who had been working for a decade with Kawasaki and was looking to return to Germany. The singleseat, low-wing, cantilever monoplane aircraft had a length of 9.46 m (31 ft), a span of 11.15 m (36 ft 7 in) and an empty weight of 1,814 kg (4,000 lbs). […]

Henschel Hs-123

The single-seat dive bomber/ground support Henschel Hs-123 was designed in 1933, and entered Luftwaffe service in 1936. Powered by a 880-hp BMW 132 Dc nine-cylinder radial engine, it had a maximum speed of 345 km/h (214 mph) and a range of 850 km (530 miles). The biplane had an empty weight of 1,504 kg (3,316 lbs), a length of 8.3 m (27 ft 4 in), a height of 3.2 m (10 ft 6.5 in) […]

Heinkel He-70

The Heinkel He-70 was a reconnaissance/ bomber aircraft with a crew of two or three. Designed and first flown in 1932, it was in Luftwaffe service from 1934 to 1938. Its length was 12 m (39 ft 4.5 in), its wingspan was 14.80 m (48 ft 6.75 in), its height was 3.1 m (10 ft 2 in) and its weight (empty) 2,360 kg (5,203 lbs). The powerplant was a 750-hp BMW VI 7-3 V-12, water-cooled engine. […]

Arado Ar-66

The Arado Ar-66 was German WW2 two-seat, single-engined biplane trainer of mixed construction designed by Walter Rethel’s. It was last Rethel’s completed design for Arado before his transfer to Messerschmitt. […]

Heinkel He – 176

The He 176 was to be the first aircraft in history to fly using only liquid-fueled rocket power. Design work was begun in late 1936, with detailed engineering drawings being completed around July 1937. […]