Albatros W.4

The Albatros W.4 was developed In response to a German Admiralty request for a high performance seaplane to protect its bases along the Flanders Coast. The first W.4 was ordered in June 1916 and delivered in September. It resembled the D.I landplane, then in production at Johannistahl, but had larger wings with Increased gap. Fin and rudder area was also Increased, and the fuselage underfin eliminated.

Only the prototype W.4 was built by the Albatros company. The rest were constructed by the seaplane works at Friedrichshagen, a suburb of Berlin. Later W.4s featured floats of better aerodynamic shape, shorter float struts, a wing-mounted radiator and ailerons on both wings. […]

Austrian Albatroses

The Albatros D.II and D.III were produced in Austria by the Oesterreichische Flugzeugfabrik. G. (Oeffag) of Wiener-Neustadt and saw much service with the K├Âniglich und Kaiserlich Luftfahrtruppen (Royal and Imperial Air Service) of the Austro-Hungarian Army. These aircraft were built in three series, seriated 53,153 and 253. (Each Austrian aircraft manufacturer was assigned a Key digit: In the case of Oeffag. this digit was 5. Another digit designated the specific aircraft type, the Albatros being assigned the digit 3. If more than one series of an aircraft type was produced, a third Key digit, in sequence, was added to the front of the serial, hence 53. 153 and 253 for the three series of the Albatros. These three key digits were followed by a decimal point, and after that the number of the individual aircraft in the series. Thus, the serial 153.25 on the side of an aircraft indicates that it is the twenty-fifth Albatros of the second production series.) […]