MiG 21F – Fishbed-C

The Mikoyan and Gurevich MiG 21F, NATO codename Fishbed-C, is a single-seat, supersonic, tailed delta jet fighter / interceptor of generally conventional conception: the most noticeable thing about it is the fact that it is not a very “clean” aircraft – there are bumps and excrescences everywhere, especially around the rear fuselage. […]

MiG 21I Imitator

The MiG 21I was an experimental version developed from MiG-21S. Only two was produced. They were also called MiG-21I Imitator and MiG-21I Analog. Both aircraft were taken from the assembly line of the […]


The Mikoyan MiG-19 (NATO codename Farmer)  has been defined ‘the Super Sabre of the Iron Curtain’  and without a doubt it has been one of the longest lived fighter-bombers ever created […]


At the turn of the century, in parallel with the new-build Su-30MKI (for India), Su-30MKK (for China), Su-30MKM (for Malaysia) and Su-30MK2, the Sukhoi Holding Co. developed […]