IAR 95 Spey

The IAR 95 Spey or IAR 95ME was a Romanian 4th-generation, two seater, supersonic multi-role fighter / ground attack aircraft of cropped delta-canard planform. It was designed by INCAS Romania (under leadership of Dumitru Badea) but cancelled before production began in 1988. […]

Panavia Tornado GR4

The Panavia Tornado GR4 is a two engine, variable-geometry, two-seat, day or night, all-weather attack aircraft, capable of delivering a wide variety of weapons.

GR4 is powered by two Rolls Royce RB 199 Mk 103 turbofan engines, each of them is rated at a maximum thrust of 16,500 lbf (73.5 kN). It is a capable of low-level supersonic flight and can sustain a high subsonic cruise speed. The aircraft can fly automatically at low level using terrain-following radar when poor weather prevents visual flight. […]

Panavia Tornado F3

Originally a development from the Panavia Tornado GR1 (Air Defence Variant), the Tornado F3 was introduced as a twin-engine, long-range interceptor aircraft used by British RAF.

The Tornado F3 made its maiden flight on 20 November 1985, and its made combat debut in the 1991 Gulf War with 18 aircraft deployed to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. After 1991 combat operations continued as the southern no-fly zones over Iraq were patrolled. The Tornados flew from Saudi Arabia under Operation Bolton, Operation Resinate South and 2003 Operation Telic. […]

Mirage 2000

The history of the Hellenic AF Mirage 2000 dates back to 1988, when the first examples of the French-buiIt fighter touched down at Tanagra in central Greece.The Mirage 2000 force, divided into two squadrons, 331 and 332 Mira, […]