F-14 Tomcat Cockpit

Accommodations are provided for a pilot and Naval Flight Officer (NFO) seated in tandem on Martin-Baker GRU-7A rocket assisted zero/zero ejection seats (F-14A/B) or Martin- Baker Mk 14 NACES ejection seats (F-14D). The cockpits are prominently located atop the forward fuselage and are enclosed by a single clamshell canopy that is hinged at the rear. The canopies and windscreen are provided by Swedlow. Integral boarding provisions to the cockpits and aircraft top deck are on the left side of the fuselage.

 The forward cockpit is arranged and equipped for the pilot. In addition to electronic displays for viewing flight, navigational and ECM data, the pilot’s instrument panel con­tains armament controls, as well as conven­tional flight and engine instrumentation. […]