Tupolev Tu-110

In June 1955 Tupolev assigned a brigade under Dmitri S Markov to produce a four-engined version of the Tu-104 – the Tupolev Tu-110. Though the RD-3 was a mature engine, it was considered that a four-engined aircraft might have a better chance of selling in world markets, besides having increased all-round performance and improved engine-out qualities. […]

Tupolev Tu-330

In 1991 ANTK Tupolev, looking for konversiya projects and noting its succes in using major parts of the Tupolev 88 in order to produce the 104, and of the 95 to produce the 114, decided to scale the efficient wing of the 204 up and down to serve as the basis for a range of derived transport aircraft – Tupolev Tu-330. It had already announced the smaller 334, and it followed with this important cargo aircraft, using almost the same wing, engine pylons, cockpit and avionics as the 204 but with some 334 features and with three inboard spoil­ers, and scaled up to a span of 47.47m (155ft 9in). […]