F-14 Radar

The F-14 D Tomcat incorporates a  Hughes AN/APG-71 radar, that is a major upgrade to the AN/AWG-9 system and was initially referred to as the AN/AWG-9 Block V. The transmit and receive portion of the AN/APG-71 is basically a digital version of the AN/AWG-9, but represents a reworking of virtually every part of the system.

 The new radar includes a low-side-lobe array antenna, digital scan control, monopulse tracking, frequency agility, and improved sig­nal processing capabilities. Only the transmit­ter, power supply, and aft cockpit tactical infor­mation display are retained from the AWG-9. Reliability is doubled and detection and track­ing ranges are increased by 40%. Many of the lessons learned from developing the USAF’s MSIP-II F-15 AN/APG-70 radar set were incor­porated into the AN/APG-71. […]