F-15 Engine

Early F-15A/Bs used two Pratt & Whitney F1OO-PW-100 turbofans, each rated at 23,830 pounds thrust with afterburner. Since all accessories (genera­tors, etc.) are mounted in the AMAD, the left and right engines of the F-15 are interchange­able, simplifying maintenance considerably.

The F100 is a two-shaft turbofan with a high-augmentation afterburner. The engine is equipped with a direct pitot-type titanium Intake with a fixed nose bullet. There are 21 inlet guide vanes in a single row equipped with variable-camber trailing edges. […]

F-14 Powerplant

Early in 1984, it was announced that the General Electric F110 powerplant was being procured to power the F-14A(Plus) and F-14D, as well as Air Force F-16 aircraft. The F110-GE-400 gen­erates a maximum of 23,100 pounds-thrust with afterburner as installed in the F-14B and F-14D. The F110 is designed for modular assembly to facilitate maintenance and repair, and numerous borescope ports are positioned along the engine for inspecting critical areas, such as the compressor, combustor and tur­bine assemblies. The core is basically a scaled-down version of the F101 that powers the B-1B coupled with a scaled-up version of the F404 (F/A-18A) fan assembly. In 1987 General Electric was awarded a $235 million four-year contract for 133 engines for the F-14B and F-14D. The contract also contained options for an additional 183 engines. […]